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Preventing, Finding, and Providing Solutions for Leaks
Roofing Missoula, Home

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About Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing

We are about prevention, not reaction. We expand an existing roof’s lifespan with no costly or messy tear offs. We believe in providing eco-friendly roofing solutions with warranties that last and remain renewable.

Certified Installer

We’re certified installers of the following products, which means we can extend and offer exclusive certified warranties not available through other contractors.

Roofing Missoula, Home
Roofing Missoula, Home
Roofing Missoula, Home


Roofing Missoula, Home


Nobody likes unexpected damages. Here at Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing we are dedicated to providing you with quality inspection services using the best tech around to help you locate active leaks in your roof and any damages that they might be causing.

Roofing Missoula, Home

Preventing Leaks

Here at Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing, we’re all about prevention, not reaction. We aim to help you maintain your commercial roofing structures and avoid long-term damages and expenses. Don’t forget to schedule an annual inspection!

Roofing Missoula, Home

Providing Solutions

We have multiple options for leaks and damaged roofs, and we want to offer you a solution that works best for you and your commercial roofing structure. Rest assured that no matter what you choose, we are dedicated to a flawless application process to leave your roof better than how we found it.

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Roofing Missoula, Home

Roof Restoration

An affordable alternative to a complete roof removal. Our restorations improve the quality of and extend the life of your current roof without all of the drastic expenses.

Roofing Missoula, Home

Full Roof Analysis

Through a thorough analysis of your roof, we discover any present issues or risks and recommend solutions best suited for your structure.
Roofing Missoula, Home

Regular Roof Inspection

Regular inspections are the key to keeping your roofing warranty valid! Our inspections meet product standards and keep you safe.
Roofing Missoula, Home

Fluid Applied Seamless Roofing

This amazing system is eco-friendly and can be applied to existing metal, membrane, or roofing substrate and keeps your roof safe from damages.
Roofing Missoula, Home

Full Warranty on Labor & Material

The standard warranty for our trusted roofing materials is 20 years and can be extended through regular maintenance scheduling.


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Insurance Bonding

Are you a government organization that needs fluid-applied roofing services? Whether it’s an inspection, an emergency repair, or full-service maintenance, Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing is certified to help. Click the button below to view our insurance bonding letter and find out how we can help your organization.
Roofing Missoula, Home