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The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

For any kind of roof, commercial or residential, basic roof maintenance and inspections are the keys to making sure that your structure lasts until the end of its service life. Inspections allow professionals like us to help you find damages that you might not know are present and start on maintenance and repairs right away. Inspections also let you know just how long your roof has left before it’s time to think about a replacement or replacement alternative.

While your roof may not truly be alive, think about your roofing system like your body. To keep it functioning healthily and properly, it is important that you schedule inspections and basic roof maintenance like you schedule annual check-ups or dentist visits. Your roof may be in tip-top shape and functioning just fine. However, even the smallest of problems can turn into something big if it’s left alone for too long, leaving you with expensive damages that could have been avoided in the long run.

That’s where we come in! Here at Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing we’re all about prevention, not reaction. We aim to help you maintain your facility and avoid long-term damages and expenses by providing commercial roof maintenance and inspection services. Our goal is to expand an existing roof’s lifespan with no costly or messy tear-offs while providing eco-friendly roofing solutions with warranties that last and remain renewable.

Our Commercial Roof Inspection and Maintenance Services

We provide two different forms of commercial roof inspection as well as commercial roof maintenance should there be any damages found during the inspection process. Of course, we provide and encourage you to take part in regularly-scheduled basic roof maintenance, preventive inspections, and roof assessments. However, we also provide active leak inspections for roofing structures that are already damaged.

Our regularly scheduled commercial roof inspections include a multitude of preventative roof assessments to make sure that your roof is functioning at its best capacity. These roof assessments include moisture scans that utilize infrared camera technology to detect where your roof is losing heat due to moisture. We also provide inspections for flashings like parapet perimeters and HVAC and vent areas, as well as inspections for sealants. During the inspection, we also look at caulking areas and scout for cracks and failing fasteners. Lastly, we take a look for any membrane deterioration that may come from the sun or weather damage. At the end of this inspection, you are provided with a comprehensive report of any findings as well as documentation for warranty compliance processes.

Admittedly, needing an active leak inspection may mean that you’ve waited too long for an inspection of your roof. Still, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service to locate the damage and determine a proper solution to suit the needs of you and your structure.

When we find a leak in your commercial roofing structure, we take four steps to determine the damage and what needs to be done next. First, we examine the inside of your facility to check the ceiling for any leaks or water damage. Next, we do a roof assessment and run a moisture scan on the roof deck with moisture reading equipment in order to target any visible or hidden leaks. After the scan, we inspect flashings and look for any active areas that may be leaking. Before making our final decision on taking the next step, we take core samples of the leak area to obtain a visual diagnosis of damage as well as the physical state of the deck material that is below the surface.

If extra work needs to be completed because of the presence of a leak, don’t worry! We also provide commercial roof maintenance and restoration for damaged roofing systems. Based on the solution that we determine during the active leak inspection, we will fit you with a full estimate that encompasses the next necessary steps. We know that roof maintenance can be a financial strain, so in order to aid you with the expenses, we offer financing options. We can also assist you in obtaining any grants that may be necessary or available for you to use to repair damages.

Based on the scope of your damages, our restoration process may vary. However, we make an effort to clean and prep your roof for whatever might come next. First, we take the time to clean your roof deck with a pressure cleaner. Our roof cleaner uses hot water mixed with an eco-friendly solution to efficiently clean the surface as well as protect the surrounding environment. This process not only effectively cleans the surface, but it also prepares it for excellent product adhesion. Next is roof prep. This is the major key to success when it comes to roofing solutions. While the pressure wash has already done some of the work, this next step is a more intensive preparation process.

Our final step is the application of whatever product is chosen by you, our client. This may be our fluid applied roofing system, UNIFLEX, spray foam, or some other form of seamless roofing system like steel. We want to offer you a solution that works best for you and your commercial roofing structure. Rest assured that no matter what you choose, we are dedicated to a flawless application process to leave your roof better than how we found it.

How to Schedule Your Commercial Roof Inspection

We pride ourselves at being experts when it comes to commercial roof inspections and basic commercial roof maintenance. However, while we provide the services, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to schedule the inspections and basic maintenance to keep your warranty in force.

Luckily, our commercial roof inspection and maintenance services are offered on an annual or bi-annual basis to help you stay right on track with maintaining your roofing structure while also accommodating your busy life schedule. All of our inspections are completed by a Master Certified Contractor and validate your roof warranty.

If there is any confusion, we are also happy to help you through the steps required to maintain your warranty. With all of our inspection services, we also provide you with the documentation to support the inspection should you need it for later use or future maintenance.

Is it time for maintenance on your commercial roof? Do you have a leak or weather damage that you’re ready to repair? Contact us today!

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We are about prevention, not reaction. We expand an existing roof’s lifespan with no costly or messy tear offs. We believe in providing eco-friendly roofing solutions with warranties that last and remain renewable.

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