Emergency Roof Repair Services

Emergency Roof Repair, Emergency Roof Repair Services

The roof is arguably one of the most important parts of any building. It helps to protect everyone and everything inside and keeps what’s most precious safe from the outside elements. But what happens when you are faced with a heavy storm, a fallen tree, or a leak that damages your roof? What happens next when it comes to emergency roof repair?

What Happens When You Need Emergency Roofing Services?

Once a roof is damaged or compromised, it leaves everything inside vulnerable and susceptible to not only internal but structural damage. It puts ceilings and floors at risk and can lead to even more serious problems like wood rot.

In most cases, when there has been moderately severe damage done to a roof during a storm, after an encounter with an animal, or from a fire, the immediate reaction is to tarp it until something else can be done. However, the tarp is not a permanent solution. Tarps are a form of temporary roof repair in case of an emergency that can be used as a quick fix, but temporary roof repairs cannot promise that what’s inside will be protected.

What’s most important is the next steps that you will take in fixing the very structure that protects your business or facility. The first step is not to panic. Next, call your insurance provider. Then, it’s time to start looking for a dependable contractor. With just a little searching you can find someone that suits all of your needs when it comes to emergency roof repair.

When searching online or anywhere for “emergency roof repair in Missoula and surroundings”, what are you hoping to find? Are you looking for reliable contractors? Are you looking for someone dedicated to fixing your problem quickly and efficiently? Maybe you’re looking for an expert that can provide a quality service while also taking your financial and structural needs into account? You want someone that can promise to get the job done and keep what’s under your roofing structure safe from any further danger and damages.

If you want a roofing contractor in Missoula and Surroundings that can do all of those important things and so much more, then look no further than us! Here at Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing, the goal of our roofing specialists is to provide the best services to our customers. Our services range from maintenance and inspection services to prevent or find damages repairing existing damage or providing emergency repair services. Our emergency roof repair services include all different types of emergencies.

We never plan for emergencies, and we all hate to experience them. Unfortunately, they’re unavoidable. Most of the time when it comes to roofing, they aren’t anyone’s fault, either. Sometimes you forget to schedule your regular inspections. Sometimes accidents happen. Maybe a raccoon or a squirrel has made itself at home in your roof and has decided to chew a hole. The possibilities are endless.

Be it mother nature, a fallen tree, a fire, or something else, you can’t necessarily control what happens to your roof. Despite how prepared you may be for any situation, you never know what’s lurking around the corner. What you can control is what happens next. No matter what the is, trust that the roofing specialists here at Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing are here to help you with any kind of necessary emergency roof repair.

Our Emergency Roof Repair in Missoula And Surroundings:

If you suspect that your roof may be actively leaking or that it has been damaged in any way, then contact us for a roof inspection conducted by a Master Certified Contractor. These inspections ensure that we find out where the leak is coming from as well as the scope of the damage in and outside of your facility to give you a proper diagnosis and solution. From there, we work with you to decide where to go next, and we have so many options to choose from. Our main goal in an emergency situation is to return your roof to a safe and watertight condition to ensure that your facility does not suffer any more damage.

Depending on the solution that we determine during the inspection of your roof and the damages, one of our roofing specialists will fit you with a full estimate that encompasses the next necessary emergency repair steps. Emergency roof repairs and everything surrounding them can be stressful. Of course, we know that roof maintenance can be a financial strain. The last thing we want to do is empty out your pockets during a necessary repair.

If you are worried about how to fund the repairs to your roofing system, we happily offer aid with expenses to our clients through some financing options. We can also assist you in obtaining any grants that may be necessary or available for you to use in order to repair damages. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We are dedicated to helping our clients and providing information to address any of their needs.

Our final step in emergency roof repair is restoration and the application of whatever product is chosen by you, our client. Based on the scope of your damages, our restoration process and prices may vary. However, we make an effort to clean and prep your roof for whatever might come next. First, we take the time to clean your roof deck with a pressure cleaner. Our roof cleaner uses hot water mixed with an eco-friendly solution that is safe for you, our contractors, and the surrounding environment to efficiently clean the surface. This process also not only effectively cleans the surface, but it also prepares it for excellent product adhesion.

Next is roof prep. This is the major key to success when it comes to roofing solutions. While the pressure wash has already done some of the work, this next step is a more intensive preparation process. Our last step is application. This may be the application of our fluid applied roofing system, UNIFLEX, spray foam, or some other form of a seamless roofing system to protect your facility or business.

We want to offer you emergency roofing repair services that work best for you and your commercial roofing structure. If you have any questions about any of the emergency roofing repair services described above, please don’t hesitate to contact us through phone or email.

If you ever having an emergency in Missoula and surroundings, remember Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing and give us a call or an email. Rest assured that no matter what happens, our roofing specialists will be there to help you through the repair process. We have a wide array of solutions to choose from, and we are experts in each of them.

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