Roof Ice Dam Removal

Roof Ice Dam Removal, Roof Ice Dam Removal

When it comes to removing ice dams safely, there is only one solution: STEAM! Our steamers will melt the ice on your roof without harming your roof system. Other techniques have the potential to cause serious damage. Pressure washers will usually blast the granules off the asphalt mat of the shingles on your roof. Tools like axes, picks, hammers, and chainsaws will only cause more damage to your roof.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams form when part of your roof’s temperature is above 32 degrees, while another section is below 32 degrees. The warmer section of the roof will melt the snow, causing it to move down your roof. However, it then reaches the cooler part of your roof and refreezes. The result? A pesky ice dam. Unfortunately, residents of La Crosse are all too familiar with this byproduct of our snowy and chilly winters.

Can I Put Salt on My Roof?

We recommend that you stay away from salts that will only cause more damage to your roof. Certain salts can be corrosive and can cause damage not only to your shingles but to your gutters and landscaping.

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