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When you’re searching online for “commercial roofing contractors near me”, what are you hoping to find? What is important to you in a contractor? When looking for a contractor, many people want someone who is not only dedicated to their needs and their facility or business but someone who is dedicated to their craft.

It’s not enough to just provide the services that you need. To give your commercial roof system the best treatment, you want someone who is an expert at their job and loves what they do. Extreme dedication results in the very best care. If you’re looking for a contractor near you who knows the ins and outs of commercial flat roof repair and maintenance, look no further than us!

Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing is a full-service commercial roofing company that has been providing service to the Western states for over two decades. Behind the business is Doug O’Myer; a dedicated and experienced roofing contractor in Salmon, Idaho. Doug has been in the roofing contractor business for over 20 years. If anyone knows roofing, especially seamless roofing, it’s Doug. That many years doesn’t make just anyone an expert. Doug has dedicated his time to staying up to date on the most modern, cost-effective, eco-friendly, commercial roof systems to provide you with the best service.

Meet Our Expert Roofing Contractor

It’s important to be knowledgeable about both the old ways and new ways of roofing as well as the ins and outs of commercial roofing repairs, damages, and inspections. With this knowledge, Doug can recommend the most effective roofing system and the best maintenance program to suit your business’ needs.

You can trust that Doug is not into pushy sales, just reality and customer service. Our goal is to help you maintain your current roof system and avoid the costs of major repairs and replacement while providing eco-friendly roofing solutions. We’re all about prevention, not reaction, and with so many years of experience, you can trust that we know is best!

Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing offers its clients a myriad of quality services and commercial flat roof repair options. The roof is arguably one of the most important parts of any building. It helps to protect everyone and everything inside and keeps what’s most precious safe from the outside elements. When a roof gets compromised, you need a contractor that specializes in commercial flat roof repair that knows how to help you best. We offer roof restoration and repairs for commercial roof systems that are actively leaking. Additionally, we also offer emergency repairs for roofing structures that have been damaged in an emergency like severe weather, fires, animal encounters, or otherwise.

Total roof repair can be a long and stressful process, and it can be a strain on your pockets. Not only that, but it creates unnecessary waste that could be avoided. We want to offer you alternative options for commercial flat roof repair that don’t involve disrupting your day to day or emptying your pockets. Our commercial flat roof repair options are affordable alternatives to complete roof tear-offs that also extend the service life of your current roof.

Our Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance Options

Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing if proud to offer multiple options and methods when it comes to repairing your commercial roofing system. Our next services include commercial roof repairs as well as maintenance, inspections, full roof analyses, and seamless new system installations.

Our regularly scheduled commercial roof inspections include a multitude of preventative tests to make sure that your roof is functioning at its best capacity. We use high-tech tools and scanners to inspect your roof for any damages or weak spots. These tests include moisture scans that utilize infrared camera technology to detect where your roof is losing heat due to moisture.

We also provide inspections for flashings like parapet perimeters and HVAC and vent areas, as well as inspections for sealants. During the inspection, we also look at caulking areas and scout for cracks and failing fasteners. Additionally, we can also take a look for any membrane deterioration that may come from the sun or weather damage.

If your roofing system is already damaged or leaking, we also offer active leak inspections to determine where your leak is coming from and how much damage it has caused to your facility. From there we can determine what the next step will be when it comes to the repair and restoration for your commercial roof.

When it comes to repairing or restoring your commercial roofing system, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to unique methods of commercial flat roof repair. One of our best options is fluid applied roofing. We choose to stand by UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems products, one of the best flat roof repair materials out there. We are proud to say that we are certified fluid applied and spray foam roofing contractors. This means that we can extend and offer exclusive certified warranties not available through other contractors. We offer a multitude of services including one of our best flat roof repair options; the installation and maintenance of fluid-applied commercial roof systems.

UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems is one of the best flat roof repair materials. It provides so many great benefits to keep your commercial roofing intact and save you from the frustrations of expensive damage repairs. It’s one of the best flat roof repair materials for commercial roof systems of any kind. It can be applied to nearly any substrate, so no matter what your commercial flat roof is made of, we will have no trouble servicing you!

Once the surface is properly cleaned, fluid applied roofing can be applied over shingles, asphalt, metal, concrete, or wood. It also works for roofs of any shape! If your facility has a uniquely shaped roof, there are no worries. Not only that, but the huge advantage of using this roofing type is the fact that it is totally seamless and fully bonded. It is also extremely flexible and vapor permeable. These features allow the substrate to be a total watertight roof, keeping your facility or business safe from weather and water damage.

Is It Time to Repair Your Commercial Roof?

If you have any additional questions about our contracting services, commercial roof repairs, or the materials that we use for flat roof repairs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through phone call or email. We are happy to provide you with any additional information as well as financing and potential grant options to help you with the expense of your repairs.

The next time that you search for “commercial flat roof repair near me” or “commercial roofing contractors near me,” remember Greenleaf Fluid-Applied Roofing and our commercial roof repair services. No matter your needs, be it regular inspection and maintenance, leak repair, or emergency repairs, you can trust that we will be there to take care of you and your facility.

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